Shore Road Seafood - Crow's Nest Dining Room

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We want to have a couple over for supper. Can we get two orders of chowder - and then add other fish - haddock - halibut - scallops to it to make it go further?

Hi, I'm just seeing this now, sorry. Hope you got your chowder!

What's the menus today

You get the usual stuff,but fresh.Don't expect you can order Tuna , Halibut ,Red Snapper , Flounder ,or Loop de mare.Try to get pealed fries.

Hours open DEC 31 and Jan 1?

We are closed on those days, back to regular hours on January 2. 11-7 everyday

What will you hours be on Thanksgiving weekend?

We will be closed on Thanksgiving Sunday but other than that, open regular hours 11-7

are you opened on sundays

Yes, we are open every day! :)

Do you have gift certificates?

We sure do!

When do you close for the season?

We are open year round! Rain, sleet, snow or hail! Well, unless it is a tonne of snow. :)

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